……and Guess What’s in their Pockets

Just as Carol Anne announced in the 1982 film, Poltergeist: “THEY’RE HEEEEERE!” Here are some do’s and don’t’s that will go a long way in welcoming our Bonnaroovian guests and help you capitalize on their arrival.

1. Display welcome signs
Don your business front with Welcome Bonnaroo signs to let guests know we’re glad they’re here.
2. Save up front parking spaces for guests
Have employees park in the back or in farther away spots to save room for those who might (or might not) stop in depending on availability of parking.
3. Smile
Bonnaroovians are here to have fun! They’ve brought their positive vibes and should be met with the same.
4. Schedule plenty staff
You may see a lot more buyers, so be sure you’ve got enough employees to handle the crowds
5. Be courteous in traffic
Traffic can, indeed, get a little congested, but be patient, let someone out in front of you, show guests our southern hospitality.

1. Wish it away
We are the envy of many towns all across the country who only wish they had a festival like this. $36 million is direct local spending is nothing to sneeze at.
2. Make your facilities off limits
A guest may be coming in only to use your restroom, but they may buy something on the way out if they feel welcome.
3. Tell guests there’s nothing to do here
Encourage Bonnaroovians to explore the area while they’re here. Tell them about your favorite local eateries, shops, and attractions. The longer they stay, the more they spend!

We only get four days to take advantage of having 80,000 potential new customers. Happy ‘Roo, y’all!