Meet the Manchester Police – A Children’s Book

We see and hear to many instances where disconnect between the community and law enforcement builds more walls than bridges.  Our Manchester City Police Department has come up with a fun and interactive way to introduce children to officers in our community.  The Hearts of Blue, wives of police officers, have put together a coloring book where personal aspects of individual officers become the children’s art.

Seven Steps to Building School-to-Industry Partnerships | Edutopia

Students get to try out a profession to make sure it’s a good fit. They learn how to conduct themselves in the business world and they make connections that may lead to future employment. Industry and business leaders get a say in developing a curriculum to make sure there’s a practical focus to outfit students with the skills they’ll need to get hired. As for the schools, they get seasoned professionals to advise students, arrange field trips and, sometimes, provide financial support.

Can ‘early warning systems’ keep children from dropping out of school?

A half-dozen sixth-grade teachers sat in a circle inside an empty classroom, poring over sheets of data showing their students’ attendance, grades and discipline. They were looking for children who were sliding, whose records indicated they were in danger of falling off the track to high school graduation.
Marissa Johnson urged them to highlight those students’ names in yellow. “Our goal is to identify students who need to finish strong,” said Johnson, an employee of Diplomas Now, a Johns Hopkins University program that helps teachers here, at Grover Washington Jr. Middle School, identify students in need of extra support.
The research is clear: If you want to know whether a child is on a path toward graduating or dropping out, standardized test scores are not very useful. Far more telling is whether that child comes to school regularly, behaves in class and earns passing grades.

CEO Spotlight – Kaitlyn Thornton

Kaitlyn Thornton, 2011 graduate of Coffee County Central High School, 2015 graduate of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and current graduate student at UTK and employee of the UT Athletic Department recently provided the Coffee County Schools Teen Expo program with a much needed and appreciated donation.  This donation of UT athletic wear will be included in the second annual Coffee County Teen Expo.  “What a blessing it is to have Coffee County natives return to the community with an interest in giving back,” says Taylor Rayfield, coordinator of Teen Expo.  This event, scheduled for July 30th, is intended to provide Coffee County Schools’ students in need with clothing, school supplies, and hygiene items. Open to all Coffee County Schools’ students in upcoming grades 7-12, applications for this year’s event may be obtained from school counselors at your child’s respective school. If you would like to donate or be a part of this program, please contact Taylor Rayfield (723-3309) or LeAnne Evans (723-5150) for more information.

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