The Bonnarro Effect

On June twenty first, two thousand two the landscape of our small town would be forever altered. On this day some of the most electrifying entertainers in the world would lead over 70,000 tourists into our city limits. This day marked the first official Bonnaroo festival. As with anything different, this event would create a whirlwind of emotions, commentary, and controversy worthy of a Hollywood plot.

Official Re-opening of Fiddlestyx Antiques, Art, Decor

Fiddlestyx ,Antiques & Art, has been doing business in Manchester since August 2011, first as Patch Manor & Friends on Ramsey Street, then reopening as Fiddlestyx in January 2015 at 121 East Main Street. Proprietors, Tom and Chloe Leet, have renovated the inside and outside of what used to be “The Brew.”