Historical Society Receives State Award

Congratulations to Coffee County Historical Society, which has been chosen to receive a state Certificate of Merit by the Tennessee Historical Commission “for having made significant contributions to the preservation of the historical and architectural heritage of Tennessee.” The certificate was awarded for their series of publications entitled Civil War Soldiers of Coffee County, Tennessee.

$41,000 Tourism Enhancement Grant

The Manchester Tourism and Community Development Commission in partnership with the Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce and Manchester Parks and Recreation is pleased to announce they have received a $41,000 tourism enhancement grant from the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development & Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. These funds will be matched by the Manchester Tourism and Community Development Commission to total $58,000 and will be used for additional electrical infrastructure and facility enhancements at the Manchester Parks and Recreation’s Soccer Complex.

“This is exciting news for our community, as our commitment to invest into impact continues to position our city to strengthen, develop, and grow. The most exciting aspect for me; however, is the collaboration between the Recreation Department, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Manchester Tourism and Community Development Commission. This is a perfect example of the synergy we have created by leveraging strong community partnerships. Obtaining this grant is exciting for the community right now, but the partnerships and relationships we are building are even more exciting for our future,” said Ryan French, Vice Mayor and Chairman.

“The state’s Tourism & ECD do a great job supporting rural communities, and we are honored to have received this grant. Installing lights at the soccer complex will not only allow for longer play and more tournaments but will provide a need for out-of-town guests to have dinner after play, sleep over, and have breakfast in Manchester the next morning. It’s all about capturing dollars. It was privilege to work alongside our Tourism Commissioners and Parks and Recreation on this grant,” said Terri Hudson, Executive Director, Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce

“The Parks and Recreation Department is excited to work in partnership with the Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism Commission on providing electrical service to the new Soccer Complex. The partnership allowed us to tap into the Tourism Enhancement Grant program funding to further develop the Soccer Complex. The electrical service is an important step forward to creating a venue for soccer to attract tournaments and tourism dollars to our local economy,” said Bonnie Gamble, Director, Manchester Parks and Recreation

Meet the Manchester Police – A Children’s Book

We see and hear to many instances where disconnect between the community and law enforcement builds more walls than bridges.  Our Manchester City Police Department has come up with a fun and interactive way to introduce children to officers in our community.  The Hearts of Blue, wives of police officers, have put together a coloring book where personal aspects of individual officers become the children’s art.

Manchester picked for Tennessee Downtowns program

The Manchester Historic Zoning Commission, chaired by Lisa Moreland, along with downtown merchants, are committed to an appealing, vibrant, and walkable downtown.    Being selected as a Tennessee Downtowns community is the first step in a process of eventually establishing a local Main Street® program, which will make Manchester eligible for grants for which we would otherwise not qualify.
A five person steering committee comprised of Roger Guess, chairman; Steve West, Pat Berges, Ray Amos, and Terri Hudson collected pertinent data and letters of support to put together the application.  This group will undergo several trainings before receiving a $15,000 grant to complete a downtown improvement project

Manchester’s Economy is Growing, FAST!

One of my primary focuses after being re-elected in 2012 was to find ways to spur organic economic growth in our community. I believe strongly that developing an economy starts at the level of spending and finding a way for our community to retain a higher percentage of that spending.

The math doesn’t lie; 45% of purchases made at locally owned businesses stay in the community. An additional 9% of that expense stays in our state. That 45% compares to around only 12% with large corporate stores.

Don’t get me wrong. We need both, but I was always puzzled at the effort to simply recruit large corporate stores rather than focusing our efforts on growing the metrics in our economy to support not only the local businesses we currently have, but potentially a company looking to move in or an entrepreneur looking to get a start.

To me, it just makes sense to build a strong economy on a foundation of passionate local business owners. If you do that you are able to focus on the quality of economic growth and the quality of life that comes with organic growth.

At the end of the day, we live in a analytical world. If you build a strong economy folks will want to be a part of that. The numbers are what they are, and it’s difficult to convince a business or business leader to open or move a business into an environment that does not support their effort.

This focus is starting to pay off. As the Chairman and five year member of the Tourism and Community Development Commission, I have played a critical role in shifting the focus on this organic economic development.

We have done this by creating a strategy that focuses on strengthening our current tax structures, primarily sales tax. We are doing this with programs like “Eat, Shop, Stay Manchester”, digital marketing, interstate billboard campaigns and by recruiting events to our community. We are still working on efforts to recruit even more events, invest into facilities and also notify the business community of potential surges in customers as a result of events.

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Source: vote-french-2016 | Manchester’s Economy is Growing, FAST!

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