All 436 of Coffee County Raider Academy 9th grade students recently had the privilege to participate in the “On My Own” reality simulation

conducted in partnership with the UT Agricultural Extension Office and the Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce.

“The On My Own reality simulation provided our CCRA students a fantastic real-life perspective, while giving them valuable insight into housing, healthcare, insurance and other adult financial issues.  We are so grateful for all the community support given to CCRA as we made this simulation possible for all of our students,” stated Angela Gribble, Principal of CCRA.
MACC Executive Director, Terri Hudson, remarked, “The chamber wanted to provide a rich, engaging activity for students, and “On My Own” hit a homerun.  We feel that ninth graders will, as a result of this simulation, begin to think more clearly about their future and plan which classes they will take in high school to prepare them for a career, hopefully here in Coffee County. Hats off to the UT Extension Office for the development of this program!”
 The actual reality simulation took place on January 14 and 15, as MACC CEO partners, made up of business and community leaders, assisted with the simulation by manning various reality stations representing their respective fields of expertise.  Students were given a family and job scenario and went through the various stations to obtain housing, transportation, utilities, and other “grown up” needs to simulate what life will be like when they are “on their own.”
The real key to making an event like this work was the CEO partner volunteers from the MACC who gave their time to guide these young minds for an afternoon.  It was a real testament to how valuable a few hours of your time as a local business professional can be to shape the next generation of leaders. We want to thank all of you who took part and hope that you realize the impact that you made on Manchester’s students through “On My Own!”
The CCRA plans to make this an annual event, and the MACC could not be prouder for the work our members put in to make it a success!