Why should YPs attend?

Chances are that you work in an environment with people from a different generation. The business community is a melting-pot of generational stereotypes, each with its own quirks and characteristics, ways of working and learning and communicating. CCYP Summit 2017 is focused on helping young professionals bridge generational differences and collaborate across the age spectrum. We have much to contribute, and we have much left to learn. Come be a part of CCYP Summit 2017, a half-day event created to connect, unite, and develop with peers and predecessors. Hear from community leaders, industry gurus, and renowned generational expert Amy Lynch as she discusses what gifts each generation brings to the table. We’ll start with a lunch and cap the afternoon with a happy-hour, but in between, we’ll discuss how to more effectively work together. And the result-we’ll see our community prosper.


Why should all generations attend?

Maybe you’ve noticed-Millennials are a different bunch. Different in the way they work, communicate, and learn. Different in what they look for in a job, how they receive praise and criticism, how they are best motivated. Baby Boomers and Gen Xers have their preferences, too-but we’re all working together to achieve our goals. At CCYP Summit 2017, we’re discussing our differences, our similarities, and how to best merge them to achieve success. If you’re a business leader, come! If you have YP employees, send them! Both will benefit from learning about one another.

147 Hospitality Blvd, Manchester, TN 37355

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