Your Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce has been planning the formation of an Industrial Roundtable.  Plant managers, VP level, and Engineering managers from industries across the county are invited to participate.
The idea is to provide a platform that brings industry leaders together on a quarterly basis to find out what goes on in each other’s facilities and provides opportunities for sharing of resources.  The chamber will periodically facilitate speakers on topics such as:
  • Why companies choose the areas they choose to locate
  • How to build customer loyalty
  • How to prevent turnover
Additionally, we will connect industries with educators for collaboration on workforce needs.  We will help facilitate industry professionals going into the classroom for presentations as well as student tours of facilities.  Eventually we may facilitate teacher institutes where groups of educators tour facilities to witness the highly skilled, well-paying positions that are available in Coffee County.
The first meeting will take place at fischerUSA on Thursday, May 12th from 8-10:00 a.m.