Wednesday, July 20, 2016



Stan Teal, President; Jon Bell, Carla Clay, David Cleveland, Sherry Douglas, Joe Franks, Amber Kelley, Mike Niederhauser, Roxanne Patton, Chris Stanford, Kayla Transue


Guests:  Brett Chaffin, Ambassador Chair

Staff:  Terri Hudson, Executive Director, Margie Lowe, John Fletcher



The meeting of the Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce was called to order at 10:10 AM by Stan Teal, Chairman, presiding.



  • Roxanne Patton moved to approve the May 2016 minutes as presented.  Chris Stanford seconded, and the motion was approved by the board.



Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurer Carter Sain was unable to attend the meeting but called prior to express that the financials were exactly in line with what he expected considering the decrease in Bonnaroo income.  The June 30 balance sheet showed a total checking and savings balance of $158,636.96.  Total assets, including the building, were $256,068.96.  Total income for June was $9,864.80 compared to a budget of $8,397.64.  Expenses for June were $11,123.91 compared to a budget of $15,550.12.  Total net income was -$1,299.11 compared to a budget of -$7,152.48.  Year to date net income was $7,941.22 compared to the budgeted -$8,234.64.  There was some concern that member services income is down from 2015 by $2,300, and it was noted that luncheon attendance (especially the July breakfast) has been down as well as that there have been two luncheons in 2016 with no sponsor at all.  Chris Stanford moved to approve the finance report as delivered.  Joe Franks seconded, and the motion was approved by the board.
  • It was noted that the chamber is losing the general store and a beer tent for Bonnaroo this year, which will result in a possible $10,000 loss of income.  Amber Kelley, Sherry Douglas, and Roxanne Patton were asked to serve on a committee to help staff determine volunteers for the one remaining beer tent.



Terri reported that only one bid had been submitted on the building renovation.  Mark Lemons Construction submitted a bid of $69,800 based on the walk-through they did with chamber staff.  At this time, we are still awaiting bids from two other companies.





Government Relations

  • Terri reported that she had met several NAS representatives at the Jack Daniel’s mixer last month and that she was confident the relationship would be built.


Workforce Development

  • David Cleveland reported that the first meeting of the Industrial Roundtable was on May 12 at fischerUSA. There were 11 or 12 companies represented plus members of the Industrial Board, county mayor, some city representatives, and people from education. He thanked Joe Franks for hosting and stated that the response was positive, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to tour a facility. The topic of workforce needs took precedence.       Surveys were completed by each attendee regarding their experience and skill requirements, and this data will be used in the LEAP grant application.



Retail Affairs

  • Cody Taylor from Buxton did a “Developing Your Retail Strategy” workshop for the retail committee on May 12. He gave us some valuable things to consider such as determining what you need, identifying your targets, studying your leakage reports, developing a one-stop shop for prospects, etc. He explained that retail recruiting is a process, not an event.


Membership/Membership Services

  • Ambassador Chair, Brett Chaffin, reported that he has been collecting samples from area chambers on tiered investment structures.       Terri added that many chambers are moving into tiered structures and getting away from the “number of employees” system. This is a process we hope to begin soon, and Terri stated that she would like to have someone on the board be a VP of Membership.



Community Growth

  • Terri informed board members that the chamber had encouraged the application for a $50,000 Tourism Enhancement Grant and had helped Ms. Bonnie Gamble to complete it. She feels optimistic about receiving the funds that would put lights up at the soccer fields. Amy New, Assistant Commissioner for Rural Development, had seen the application and was very impressed with it.
  • The chamber will be working with representatives from NAS (National Aerospace Solutions), PTAC, Small Business Development Center, and the Tullahoma Chamber on a procurement event scheduled for June 22. This will be a great opportunity to learn “how to do business with the government,” which hopefully translates into local businesses getting contracts at AEDC.
  • Terri asked for input on moving forward with a candidate forum, and with the board’s approval, plans to move forward.




  • Terri made the board aware that a tourism publication, “Manchester, Stay Another Night” will be produced next month. The magazine will be strictly an attractions piece and will use a regional approach with Manchester as the hub. Ad sales have been a bit slow likely because it is a new product that no one in the area is doing.


  • The Executive Committee will meet to discuss details of a newly proposed memorandum of understanding with the Tourism Commission.       The new MOU comes with an additional $5,500 but with what seems to be a great deal more responsibility.



  • Margie reported that attendance was great at the Jack Daniel’s “Super Regional mixer” and that everyone had a great time.
  • She also reported that there are some potential new members coming out of the golf tournament. People say our tournament is the best around.



The next meeting is set for June 15 at 10:00 a.m.



  • Chairman Teal adjourned the meeting at 11:10 a.m.




Signed, Kevin Sherrill, Secretary