What an amazing lunch meeting yesterday! I left feeling proud to be a son of Manchester who, in his infinite wisdom, worked extremely hard to make his way out, simply to find his way back. Yesterday, we honored a local artist, whose beautiful work, some of which highlights our town, is respected and known around the world. We recognized a special local business, a staple in our community on the more historic side of town. And finally, we heard from our guest speaker, Amy New, Assistant Commissioner for Rural Development, who congratulated Manchester on its growth and development efforts thus far. Yup, Nashville is aware we are doing more than making our own codes and regulation guidelines and that we are host to Bonnaroo. Mrs. New focused on data and facts that show a strong, vibrant community is the core of stability and growth and that we must invest in our quality of life before even considering industry recruitment. She also informed us of how our state is making great efforts in regards to research and aligning resources for towns such as ours to accelerate growth and improvement. We will be sitting down with Mrs. New again in the near future to explore more deeply all the opportunities that are available to our community. If you find the time, I encourage you to research more about the state’s rural development efforts.

08dce527-2288-4b81-96cd-7d0d8c2295d9A meeting like yesterday’s is just one example of how our team here at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce is working hard every day to further the interests of your business, to communicate and advance the value and role of business in our society. Sound like the definition of a chamber of commerce in an encyclopedia? Well, it is. I write this to make a specific point. We all have great ideas, grand visions, and agendas. This is why we start a business, are in a particular business field, or join the chamber of commerce, for that matter. The point is, sometimes the next great idea or grand vision exists in the most basic ideology. In this instance, the value and role of business in our society.

Our clients are our employers and their employees; the parents of our children’s teammates, who are “hopefully” our successors. Ultimately, our community’s quality of life begins with you, the businesses. Poor quality of life in any aspect of the cycle means consequences for a particular business field or overall economic strength. Prospects will not want to bring their businesses here, professionals will not want to move here, and our children will not want to stay here if we don’t invest in our own livability.


Thank you to all our members. You are the driving force of our pursuance of stability, growth, and improvement. Thank you to all those who take the time to attend our networking events, seminars, and luncheons. You are the ones who take these new opportunities and knowledge, then share and execute with businesses and community leaders. And thank you for taking the time to read this. All of us at the chamber are doing our absolute best to be a true business resource for you. And as we have already established, you can never stop improving what you do or the service you provide.
Best Regards
The Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce Team